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Learn to dye blue with the legendary indigo dye with organic, safe vat. The e-book discusses an fructose 1-2-3 vat that you can build either at home or in the studio. This is a recipe for an effective indigo vat, producing strong colors on all types of fibers.

The tutorial is about indigo and dyeing textiles blue. Several pages of the publication will guide you step by step through the world of indigo. The e-book is intended for both beginners and those with some experience in indigo dyeing.

'INDIGO. Natural blue. E-book on indigo dyeing with fructose 1-2-3 organic vat.’ will help you understand the alchemy of indigo dye, its reduction process and the idea of ​​vat dyeing. It will cover the questions: whether you can use tap water for dyeing, how to prepare textiles for dyeing, how to store an indigo vat etc.

You will learn how to:
– build indigo vats (in general)
– build fructose vat (in details)
– dye fabrics, clothes and yarns (many practical tips included resulting from years of working with indigo)
– maintain indigo vat
– revive fructose vat
– dispose the vat

The e-book is illustrated with photos straight from the studio. These photos show the nuances that have an influence on final result while dyeing blue or navy blue.

In the publication 'INDIGO. Natural Blue’ you focus not only on working with fructose vat, but also on general principles of setting up the indigo vat and dyeing with this dye. The principles are the same regardless of the reducing agents used during the process.


Title: 'INDIGO. Natural Blue’
Author: Aleksandra Bystry
Publisher: Dzikie Barwy
Number of pages: 15
Format: PDF
First edition 2024


Once purchased, eBook is for your own personal use. 'INDIGO. Natural Blue’ is copyrighted so do not share it with others, please. A lot of work has been put into this ebook. Thank you in advance for your understanding and honesty. Enjoy reading! 🙂

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